Monday, 5 March 2018

Cannon balls,Harpy,Vlieland,Bazely

We already told in several post about the HMS Harpy under the command of Henry Bazely.
Hendrik Vlieland was captured with his ship The Young Elisabeth and his ship was taken as prize and the crew was captured and imprisoned
After many years we succeeded to have the original papers copied in the National Archiv es in Kew.

Bazely was very active during that time with his Harpy .He also attacked Flushing during that time .

Flushing (Vlissingen)

This cannonball , a 24 pounder was used in the attack  of 1809 and  was found  in Flushing and is now in the family.

A mine thrower was also used  and found.

So once again .
The story told in the family about a captain who was taken from his ship and saw his son drowned during this action.
There was an official complaint about in the prizepapers .
We think is about Hendrik and de Jonge Elizabeth.

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