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Cornelis Vlieland

After the cannonballs we do another post about  a prize . This time about Cornelis Vlieland
From Cornelis Vlieland nothing was heard of after 1798.
We know he was captured and ended up in a prisoner of war camp.
We heard of the ship Elisabeth also sailed by his brother Hendrik Vlieland.Who was taken as prize as well.

In Ostend the captured Prussian ship Elisabeth Master C.Vlieland from London to Antwerp .
Te Ostende is opgebragt het Pruissisch Schip de Elisabeth Capt. C. Vlieland van Londen naar Antwerpen

this anouncement was made in " nieuwe Nederlandsche courant of 18 July 1798.
And other newspapers.

Cornelis Friland

first name(s): Cornelius
Last name Friland
Year 1799
Nationality France
Service number -
Rank -
Ship name -
Prison camp or ship Yarmouth
Country of imprisonment England
Conflict Napoleonic Wars
Archive The National Archives
Archive reference ADM 103/463
Document details Register of POWs, Yarmouth, 1793-1798
Record set Prisoners of War 1715-1945
Category Military, armed forces & conflict
Regimental & service records
Collections from Great Britain

About the auction of the captured ship we find this anouncement.

The cargo contains of different kinds of pepper, different kinds of coffee, Cane sugar from Havana and other sugar, handkerchiefs .
When his daughter Grietje Vlieland wants to marry in 1819 she has to provide a certificate that her father approves the wedding,but is not able to give this declaration in person.
She goes to the judge with several witnesses , who claim to have known her father very well ,but after 1799 never heard of him.

the declaration.

So after 300 hundred years we still do not know what happened to Cornelis .Did he die ?
Was he imprisoned.?
Was he the prisoner of war we found in 1797  t in Chatham?

and was Ary Cornelis Vlieland who died in the hospital of Chatham in 1798 his son ?

We have a lot to find out ,
If you find anything please let us know.

Rotterdamsche Courant 17-04-1794
In Topsham waiting for cargo de Elizabeth master Cornelis Vlieland

10-05-1794 arrival from Topsham Cornelis Vlieland
more on the Elizabeth

The brothers Arie, Cornelis, Willem and Hendrik and Jeroen sometimes sailed each others ship or destination.

We find in Topsham sailed the Elisabeth by Cornelis.

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