Monday, 10 September 2012

Aubrey Edwin Batty

Aubrey Batty was born in 1878 .and died 10 Jan 1895
In 1894 Dudley Batty and Aubrey Batty visited the family  at Rouse Hill  and Dudley made pictures

Interior photograph of the drawing room at Rouse Hill House. This photograph is one of three within the Rouse Hill House & Farm collection taken by Dudley Batty (1875-1933), son of Emma Batty nee Rouse (1843-1928) and Dudley Davison Batty(1845-1878), and great-grandson of Richard Rouse, the builder of the house. Dudley Batty and his younger brother Aubrey, both born in England, made an extended visit to their Australian relatives in 1894, staying for some time with their uncle Edwin Stephen Rouse at Rouse Hill. Dudley Batty became a member of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in 1920.

South Kensington seems to have been the Batty family home – Comeragh Road, where Phoebe and Dudley lived at Aubrey's birth is just round the corner from Redcliffe Gardens, where Dudley's elder sister was stillborn (20 November 1872, Sydney Herald 27 January 1873) and where he and his wife Emma lived on their marriage (20 July 1871) – officiated by Dudley's two brothers, Edmund and George Staunton, both Reverends (Sydney Herald, 2 October 1871)!

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