Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lawrence Ford

FORD, LAWRENCE: son of James Ford (1), Burgess and Freeman; Burgess, 5 July 1797; adm Freeman, Sep 21 1804; active, 1804-31; Boxmaster (1812); Deacon (1814-15);
 in 1813 took lease of the weaver-trade lapping-house and calendar, but "resiles from his engagement and throws up his bargain" (Thomson, P 263); m 29 April 1805 Emelie Duff; with sons, James (2) and Robert emigrated to America before 1837
Lawrence A Ford
Born in Dunfermline, Scotland to James and Ellen (Elder) Ford. He came to the US when he was 2 with his parents; they settled in Chicopee Falls, Mass until 1851 when they moved to Wisconsin. He married Amelia Henderson, 20 Nov 1863; they had 5 children, one dying in infancy, another 3 weeks after her father. They lived mostly in Vienna where he owned the Brausen Hotel for a time. Later held various offices in the city.

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