Saturday, 15 September 2012

wedding of George Alan Terry

The bridegroom,attended by Mr Charles Edgar Terry, 
his brother,as best man. was early at the Church. 

Mr Charles Edgar Terry  wife is Virginia Batty 

Fashionable Wedding at Rouse Hill.

The long-looked-forward-to Wedding of Miss Nina Beatrice Rouse with Mr George Alan Terry was celebrated OnWednesday, 24th inst, atChrist Church, Rouse Hill. The weather wasperfection itself. ; ¡Great > preparations had beenreade »by friends of both bride and bridegroom sothat the decorations should be artistically complete: The pretty village Church had its wallswreathed' in serpentine chrysanthemum chains.Initials were suspended over the door, while overthe pair to be married were hung five huge wedding bells from pearl's, the florist's. The pulpitwas enveloped in white flowers, and panelled inwhite satin ; and the altar-rails were traceriedover in white flowers-while over the altar-tablewere.two handsome wreaths. The bridegroom,attended by Mr Charles Edgar Terry, his brother,as best man. was early at the Church. ' Shortlyafter, to the peal of the organ, entered the. charming bride, 'whose dress was of ivory duchessesatin with long - train, the bodice being trimmedwith . Flanders lace and chiffon. Her veil wasfastened by the bridegroom's present, a crescentof diamonds, and as necklet she wore the chain ofgold and pearls with heart attached, a gift fromher lather. Attending the bride were her sister,Miss Kathleen Rouse, chief bridesmaid, and berthree cousins, Miss Rouse (of Guntawang) andthe'Misses Phyllis and Grace Dangar1 (of Baroona). - The bridesmaids- wore cream figuredsilk dresses, with chiffon fichus and hangingpockets fastened by violets. The hats were: picture ones of violet; velvet, trimmed with violetsand white feathers. The bridal group, from thecoloring chosen, was, both, artistically andaesthetically, most effective. The Revs E Hargrave and C Blackett officiated', the service beingchoral. After the ceremony, the folk from milesaround made two lines, between which Mr andMrs Terry had to pass to their carriage amidshowers of floral tributes and rice: On reachingthe home gate, the horses were taken from thecarriage by the stalwart men from the bride'sown village, and she and her husband Weredrawn in . state to the bouse, amidcheers as ioud and prolonged as they were heartfelt and sincere.. Over the entrance-gate wats anelaborate arch erected by Mr Faviel from his owndesign, with the initials of both done in Romancharacters, and also in signalling flags. Mr andMrs G A Terry received the congratulations oftheir friends in the drawing-room, after whicheveryone sat down to a wedding breakfast set out in the Arcade at Rouse Hill House, 'which hadbeen elaborately decorated. Rev Mr Hargrave,in choice and terse'ipr ms j proposed ihe health ofthe bride and bridegroom, to which Mr G ATerrymade a .most appropriate reply. . Mr C E Terryproposed the bridesmaids' health, and Mr Goslingresponded. As there were nearly a hundred/guests present, we cannot gi ve all the barnes, butthe following are some of the dresses :--MrsWingate, black silk and duchesse lace; TheBride's, Mother, green silk and velvet« trimmedwith, most .handsome; embroidery, and bonnet tomatch ; Mrs A A Dangar, black flowered foulard,black,satjo sleeves, .pink and green in bonnet MrsC B-Cairnesi:dark green, black lace and velvet;Mrs.H .Terry, terra cotta, covered with blacklace; .Mrs.Rouse (Guntawang), black crepon, relieved with panel of brown, brocaded With pinkand green, bonnet with feathers to match ; Mrs Harhurton-Bossley . brown silk flowered with blue,brown and velvet bodice relieved .with silk, toqueto match ; Mrs R -J Black wore black and greenwith bonnet to match ; Miss Elsie Dangar, electric ¡with brown velvetpicture-hat, trimmed' with brown-feathers and'eleerie blue velvet ; Miss Dangar, in handsomedress of blue and black, with black satin sleeves,bodice trimmed with black satin fur and jet.


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