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White family

All family´s connected to a Vlieland can be found in this blog.
Thanks to Ray we got information on all those families exept his .
Today we start the White family .
Catherine Veri Vlieland married Samuel Ethelbert White. 
In the census we see that Catherine´s mother Sarah Heath  is 68 and living in her daughters family

Later she is living with another daughter Anna Maria and  the Candler family where she dies on the 17th of Nov 1882 at the age of 84  .

Samuel Ethelbert married Catherine Veri Vlieland, (the daughter of Jerome Nicholas Vlieland the language professor) at St Michael at Plea Norwich in Norfolk.  The officiating vicar was Reverend Jerome Nicholas Vlieland Junior (Catherine’s brother).  Samuel and Catherine are soon witnesses at Catherine’s sister’s wedding to Reverend Blomfield.  In January 1857 Samuel is promoted from the Ryde Section to ‘Excise Officer Southampton Section’ within the Isle of Wight ‘Collection’.  

First born Catherine Augusta died in spring 1858 only months after her summer 1857 birth and 4th November baptism.  Their ‘home town’ Southampton, being a port, was not necessarily a healthy place to bring up a family.  Exposure to ‘foreign diseases’ (brought in by passengers or crew) was a distinct possibility.  In 1783 Jane Austen and her sister had been sent away to be educated and were on holiday there.  Typhoid had broken out and Jane had become seriously ill.  Years later she had to rush down to Southampton to nurse the family when her cousin and other family members caught cholera. 

The next two children, born on 17th October 1858, survived.  Twins Charles Ethelbert and Elisabeth Mary Mills Annie (Bessy) were baptised together at All Saints Southampton on 5th January 1859.  The church, like much of Southampton, was destroyed in 1940. Indeed, bombing raids by the Luftwaffe on two successive nights in 1940 severely damaged much of the ancient centre of the city; including nearly all the churches. 

The family had moved before the birth of Bertha Susanna in 1860 and are now at 22 Sussex Street, Winchester.  Samuel Ethelbert is an Excise Officer.  Sussex Street is right in the centre, close to the railway station, which had been built as Winchester City station in 1839/40 by the London and Southampton Railway Company, then serving the only major settlement between London and Southampton.  In 2006, Channel 4’s Homes programme voted Winchester the best place in the country to live.

The will and the probate register for Samuel Ethelbert White’s death in 1886 both show Charles Ethelbert as sole executor but note that Catherine Fritz White (widow) now living at 32 St Maur Road Fulham is declared the lawful attorney when probate is granted on 19thAugust (since Charles is shown as ‘residing in Bombay’).  (Another Vlieland cousin, Lawrence Ethelbert Candler is also there).

In the Will he leaves 4 children, each, a house in “Ryde Street in the Parish of Saint Dunstans in the City and Borough of Canterbury”. At the time the properties were built this terrace of 4 brick/white painted, tiled roof cottages comprised all of Ryde Street - though numbers 5 and 6 were added later and we know from the surveyors orders for water to be laid on, in May 1876, that these four were almost the last properties in Canterbury to gain access to water..  

In addition his eldest son Charles Ethelbert is left his Fathers old residence at 6 Blackfriars (currently tenanted by William Jennings Esquire) together with his main address at 36 Chesilton Road, Munster Place Fulham.  

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