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Albert Edwin Tomlinson

Albert Edwin Tomlinson was the husband of Mary Julia Thomas .
Who were they ?
After having an holiday it is good to start the blog again and  try to solve a puzzle.
So here we go.
George Heath Vlieland married after the death of his first wife a second time.
This wife was Mary Holman widow of Edward Thomas.
The marriage between Mary and Edward was 17th November 1838 but by then this couple already had 4 children .
So what was the reason .
We looked for a previous marriage for Mary or Edward but did not find one.
The children were there after she married George .
One of the children of the marriage of  Edward and Mary is Mary Julia Thomas married to Albert Edwin Tomlinson.
So there we have Albert Edwin Tomlinson.
His wife  Mary Julia nee Thomas was the executor after the death of her mother Mary Flieland (as she is called by then.)
In the census of 1871 we find
1871 census: Wellington Villas, Hammersmith shown as Mary G H Flieland annuitant married age 56 
with son in law Albert E Tomlinson 33 book-keeper at wool brokers born Leeds june 1838
daughter Mary Julia (nee Thomas) age 25 born London (Marriages Jun 1864 Islington 1b 362) 2 grandchildren and servant
1881 census: 346, Gold Hawk Rd, Hammersmith Bank Annuiant age 68 
with son in law Albert Edwin Tomlinson 42 clerk book-keeper wool broker born Leeds 
daughter Mary Julia (nee Thomas) age 34 born Marylebone, 
3 grandchildren (2 sons b Islington and younger daughter b Hammersmith) and servant.
died 12 Oct 1888 at 346 Goldhawk road Shepherds Bush aged 73. died of heart disease and dropsy 'ANE' Tomlinson grandson was present at death

Court of Probate record for 1888 shows entry for Mary Vlieland affidavit 10867 executor Mary Julia Tomlinson - court of Probate (daughter) "formerly of 233 but late of 346 Goldhawk Road ...widow" estate: £97 11s 10d
But even after a Sunday looking at all their births, deaths and marriages and the newspaper ,
we still do not know why they first had the children and then married.

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