Tuesday, 14 February 2017

3 Valentine's on Valentine's day

On this Valentineday,we have 3 Valentine's in our post, all with the last name Blomfield.

We have Edward Valentine Blomfield.
He is the brother of the bishop of London Charles James Blomfield.

We found Thomas Valentine Blomfield born on February 14  in 1793 

He was a captain and lived at Denham Court.

Captain Thomas Valentine Blomfield

and his grandson Cecil Valentine Blomfield  .

He was killed in action.during the first world war in Picardie.
Buried France 511 Peronne Communal Cemetery Extension.
Obituary: "He was a man through and through, and a "mate" in every sense of the word. He was also one-of those who received no tangible recognition for brave deeds. I know he rescued wounded under heavy shell fire at night time, but his brave deed was overlooked. At the same time he would have been the last man to claim any reward. And so he did his duty to the end."
Memorial — His name iIs on the fountain In Armidale Central Park and in the Armidale Library. In 1925 the Blomfield family gave 100 Pounds for C.V. Blomfield Memorial Prizes for History. This is now awarded for Modern History in Year 12.
Brothers — he had 2 older brothers and one younger brother at TAS and 2 of them served in the War.  A.L. Blomfield was Senior Prefect in 1894, 95 and 96 and School Captain for the 3 years. He was one of the first 36 at TAS in 1894 when it opened and did engineering at Melbourne University. R.H. Blomfield was also one of the first 36 in 1894 and served as 1st Lieut. in 33rd Battalion A.I.F. and was awarded the M.C.   A.G. Blomfield served as well.

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