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Aufwaerdter Hendrik Vlieland Master

Aufwaerter Hendrik Vlieland master 
translation on behalf of the captors 

4                                                                        translated from the German 
                                                                         We Wilhelm Gustaf Friedrich 
Bentinck count of the Holy Roman Empire lord of Kniphausen
and of Varel yea yea yea 
Make known to all Persons who may see this our open Letter and who 
may hear the same read That one faithful Subject Hendrik
Vlieland and humbly declared to us that he intend on behalf 
of the trade to proceed with a Vessel of the burden of about 25 
Commercial lasts called the Aufwaerdter which belongs solely 
to him and has no contraband goods onboard to several Countries as
Commerce may direct or for which he may be able to get a Freight 
snd therefore for greater Securitys sake has  solusize  of our granting
him a Certificate and Pass which we have the less thought proper 
to refuse as on the Contrary we are ever disposed by all means to promise
the Wellfare and prosperity of our Obedient Subjects.We therefore do
most graciously desire everyone of whatever Rank and Dignity he may
be who shall happen to meet with this Ship at Sea in Port or elsewhere
to permit the said Hendrick Vlieland on producing this Pass which
is to remain in value a Twelfemonth from the Date here of with his
companions Ship and goods to follow his trade safe and undisturbed 
of Course to let him every where free pass and repass which we are most
graciously willing and ready duly to return to everyone according to his kantz v bona
sesion In testemony is here of we have ordered this pass and Certificate 
tobe executed andcCoroborated withour seal This done in the Fortress
of Kniphausen in our chancery the 5 July one thousand eight hundred and
In the Name of our most gracious Count and Lord

signed J.Miegen Ch.Mosle.D.K.Mansholt
Faitfully Translated from the 
German in London the 11th June 1803
by me Fredk Pfeiffer

*note 2015 This paper belongs to the prizepapers of the Aufwaerdter .
This is the transcribed copy from the papers of Hendrik Vlieland .Part of the high courts papers 

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