Thursday, 26 March 2015

George the Third

George the Third by the Grace of God of the United 
Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland ,King, Defender of the 
Faith ,&To all Commanders of Our Ships of War and
Privateers, and all others whom it may concern, greetings:Our Will and 
Pleasure is that you permit MRS Zurhorst Van Mark,I Green
Rofs ,Portman ,Hillman Oholy  STH Solly ,Gadiden
V Savage John Stapp Field   Donalds  ,henry Strickland 
Slaughters Samisford, VBrown V Charles Court.

on board six neutral Vessels (The name of which they are unable to set forth)

to import /without molestation from
any Port of holland (not Blocked by our fleet

to any port of the United Kingdom into which neutral 
vessels may be permitted to enter from Holland 

sucht Quantity of Grain (if importable according to the Provis
ions of the Corn Laws) Salted provisions of all Sorts ,
Flax, Flax seed, Clover or other seeds , Madder Roots, Salted 
Hides, Skins, Leather Rushes ,Hoops, Sacharum saturns
Barilla ,Smalls ,Yarn ,Butter, cheese, Geneva Zuibls,clinker
Terrace, Starch, Vinegar, White Lead,Oil ,Turpentine, Pitloch
Hemp, Bottles, Lamscoat Boards, Raw Material ,Naval 
Stores, French Cambricks, ditto lawns, (being the pro
perty of the said persons or some of them 
as may be specified in their Bills of Lading :provided the same 
shall be shipped as aforesaid.This license to remain in force for the
 Space of Six-months from the date hereof, and no longer 
provided also, That any Person who shall claim the Benefit of the Licence 
hereby granted, shall take and have the same upon Condition,that if any 
Question arises in any of our Courts of Admiralty , or elsewhere, whether
such pperson or Persons hath or have in all Points conformed thereto in all
Cases whatsoever , the Proof shall lie on the Person or Persons using this 
Our Licence , or claiming the Benefit hereof.
Given at Our Court at Saint James's ,the  Third
Day of December 1804 in the Fortyfifth 
Year of Our Reign
                                                                    by his Majesty's Command
Nifo Zurhorst at al 
license to Import 
                           printed by Eyre and Straham 
                           His Majesty's printers 

*note 2015 This paper belongs to the prizepapers of the Aufwaerdter .

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