Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Interrogation of Cornelis Vink part two


what  pretenu  the ship in Question was taken .That the ship taken was under
Kniphausen Colours and had none others on board .that there were no other ship or ships 
at the time of the Capture and further he knows not to answer to this interrogatery
To the fourth he answers that the name of the master of the ship taken is Henrick
Vlieland whom he has known for about twenty months and who told the respondent that he
resided at Kniphausen and further to this interrogatatory he knows not to answer.
To the fifth he answers that the ship taken is of the burthen  of about fifty six English tons 
That there were four mariners on board including the master and himself besides two
passengers that he does not know of what country the master is .That he respondent
is a Dutchman and was shipped by the master in August 1804 at Rotterdam That one other of
the said mariners was shipped by the master at Rotterdam last winter and the other was shipped by the 
                   That the said two passengers came onboard at Maassluijs in Holland last Thursday
master at Rotterdam at the same time as the respondent
night and further
To this interrogation he knows not to answer                                           the captain 
To the sixth he answers that neither himself nor any of the mariners on board had 
any port,marina or interest in the said ship or her lading .that he was mate on board of
the said ship at the time of capture and has known her between two or three years that
to this interrogatery he knows not to answer
To the seventh he answers that the name of the ship was taken is der Aufwarther that
he knows of no other pasport or seabrief ........was delivered to het captors that her voyage 
in Question began at Rotterdam last thursday morning and was to have ended at
London that she cleared at Maassluijs for London.That the vessel in Question on the voyage
in question did not pursuits any other port or place on deliver any port of his cargo
previous to her being taken as prize That his first voyage of the ship in question after
he was shipped on board of her was from Rotterdam to London with a cargo of rushes and ckinkers
from London she sailed to Embden with sugar and Dyers wood from Embden to London with butter 
from london to Katwijck with sugar from Katwijck to Rotterdam in ballast from Rotterdam to
london with clover seed and mustard seed from london to Rotterdam with sugar and coffee three voyages
from Rotterdam with rushes,clincers and some honey to London and back from london with Coffee and sugar
to Rotterdam from there to london with leather Madders cloverseed and honey returned to Rotterdam 
in ballast where she took her present cargo in Question that Carlis and cuypen of Rotterdam 
                                                                                              Cornelis Vinck.

note 2015 
rushes zijn biezen and madders zijn meekrapwortelen.

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