Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Today we find almost  the same letter in our package from Kew.
It differs a bit ,but for the record we include it .so here it is  .
The links will tell you more about the persons in it.

   Aufwaerter      H.Vlieland Master                                                                                  

The claim of John Christopher Preidel of London
merchant and agent  on behalfe of Emanuel 
Frederick Godelman of the city of
Embden Merchant a Subject of his Majestys the
King of Prussia  the true lawful and sole Owner
and Propietor of

                      Three parcels containing Spices
                     Marked  P
laden and on board the said Ship 
Aufwarter whereof H.Vlieland     was master 
at the time when the ship was taken and seijzed 
whilst in the prosecution of a Voyage from 
Rotterdam to London
by the Private Ship of War 
Courier Thomas Pratt Commanderand brought 
to Harwich for the said spices on behalf of 
and as the true lawfuland sole property of 
the said Emanuel Friedrich Godelman  a
Neutral Subject as afore said and all Costs
Lowfws Charges damages and Eaponas that have
arisen or shall  or may arise by reason or means 
of the Captain and detentionthere of 
C.C:                                         J.C.Preidel

*note 2015 This paper belongs to the prizepapers of the Aufwaerdter .

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