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Interrogation of Cornelis Vink

At the actuary office in Harwich in Essex the nineth
day of May one  thousand eight hundred and five.

 Avian Prize Court    
 Aufwarther        Henrick  Vlielander master

On the standing interrogations on Behalf of our Sovereign Lord and King
Cornelis Vink later mate of Schuijt or vessel concerning which he is now examined
residing in Leer near Embden in Prussia.aged thirty four Years and upwards
examined by the interpretation of George Frederick Hake esquire who was first duly
sworn to interpret in this English and Dutch languages.
To the first he answers That he was born in Noortwijck in Holland near the See where he
has lived and had his fixed place of residence and where he has a wife and four children now residing
not for these seven years last just had any fixed place of residence but lives suites in different
Ships  and Vessels some times at a marina,some times as mate and sometimes as master
                          is a subject of Holland that
believes himself to                                         a Subject of Prussia  he was twenty Months ago
he obtained at Rotterdam from G.P.Schott the sworn Prussian  consul there a certificate of his being
  burgher of Leer in Prussia   in consequince of ...having sealed from different
copies certificates he obtained.
ports in ......that he obtained such admission free of all expences throug the
                     Captain Henrick Vlielander the Master of the ship in question
application of    different Captains whom he served that he never resided at Leer and
for the manner of his admission he refers to the paper now delivered and marked NO 1
Cornelis Vink which was delivered to him at Rotterdam that about nine years ago he
obtained at Rotterdam from the said G.P.Schott the Prusssian consul there a certificate free of expenses
at fils casing
is Burgher of  Gretziel in Prussia free of all expence which was obtained for
                                                          us the said Prussian Consul inform him
him by a Mr Bauermann a Merchant there but he never resided at Gretziel that he is also
a Burgher of Noortwijck in Holland being intiteld there to by birth .That he is
.never was a Married man and further to this interrogation he knows not to answer
to the second he answers That he was present at the time of taking and seijzing of the
Ship or vessel and goods containing which he is  now examined that the ship taken had no
commission and further to the said interogatory he knows not to answer
     or to the third he answers That the ship and goods concerning which he is
     now  examined were seized and taken about three Leagues to S.E. and by E
...........about nine o´clock in the night of Friday last by the Courier Private Ship of  War
without resistance and were brought into this port of Harwich that he does not know on
what pretens the ship in Question was taken That this ship taken was under ..                                  
This is the first part of the interrogation .belonging to the prizepapers of the Aufwaerdter .
The next part will follow.

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