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Juvenile fancy dress

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette - Friday 04 January 1895

THE MAYORESS OF EXETER'S JUVENILE FANCY DRESS BALL Last night the Exeter Guildhall looked very bright on the occasion of a Children's Fancy Dress Ball, given the Mayoress of Exeter (Miss Perkins). The first Ball of the kind was that of last year, given the then Mayoress (Mrs. Domville). was a great success, and the present Mayoress decided to inaugurate the New Year arranging a similar festivity. More space was given for last evening's Ball than was the case last year. The whole of the floor of the Guildhall was cleared for the occasion, and made a spacious ball-room. The arrangements were carried out under the supervision of the City Surveyor (Mr. D» Cameron). The bamboos and plants from the establishment of Messrs. Veitch were tastefully arranged, and considerably added to the appearance of the room. At the High-street end cf the Hall a refreshment stall was erected, and supplied by Messrs. Palmer and Edwards, of South-street, and here some of the most enticing products of the confectioner's art were- arranged. The handsome old Hail was brilliantly lighted, and when the little guests fancy oostumes had assembled the scene presented was an extremely pretty one. The arrival of the guests attracted a large number of the general public. The guests were met the eutrance and conducted to the old Council Chamber, which had been converted into a reception-room. On arriving here they were duly announced and introduced to the Mayoress. After this ceremony they marched to the ballroom couples. The company consisted of juveniles with the exception of a few personal and official friends of the and Mayoress, amongwhom were :—The Sheriff, Mrs Clapp, and Miss White, Shirley S Perkins, Councillor and Mrs Caunter, the City Surveyor, Mr Gratwicke. Mr and Miss Glanville, the Under-Sheriff and C Gidley. the Mayor's Chaplain, Mortimer, Mrs and Miss Milne-Home, and Miss Norman, Mr Sydney Pope, Mrs W Pope, Miss E Perkins, Councillor B S Perkins, Mrs Perkins, and Mis* Perkins, Petherick, the Rev C Ingles, Alderman and Mrs Roberts, Mrs Hunt Roberts, Miss Lobb, Mr T Simpson, Miss R Tremlett, the Town Clerk, Mr Venn, Mr and Mrs Vinio, Miss Relf, Mr Mrs Fenwicke, Sproat. Mr and Mrs J M Pope, Miss J Norrish, Dr S S Perkins, and Acland. After the third dance the children again assembled the Council Chamber and marched down the steps procession to the Hall, passing the Mayor and Mayoress. Then, wheeling, round, they went past stand on which ttvo of the Mayor's sons played the part of Father Christmas and handed a bon-bon to each guest. After this, dancing was resumed and kept with much vigour until 11 o'clock. Following is a list of Guests and the characters they assumed :— Miss Edith Perkins. Italian Peasant : Master Arthur S Perkins, Cambridge Undergraduate; Master Charles S Perkins, Shepherd ; Master Duncombe 8 Perkins, Knave of Hearts ; MissMarjorie S Perkins, Dutch Peasant; Master Horace Perkins, Dick Wittington: Miss Dorothy Perkins, Great Grandmother; W Budd, Budd, Jester : Miss Rose Budd, Mus. Bac.: Daisy, Budd, Cherry Ripe ; Harold Edmonds, American Cowboy; Roland Edmonds, Chef de. Cuisine; Miss Jessie Pope, Elsie Mavnard; Godfrey Edmonds, Spanish Envoy; Miss Edmonds, My Pretty Maid : Master W J Edmonds Queen's Counsel; Miss Hilda Clapp, Little Miss Muffet: Miss Gladys Drew, Mistletoe; Miss May Steele Perkins, Carmen; Miss Ellinor Battishill, Buttercup Miss Daisy Battishill, Fairy ; Miss Julia Battishill, Little 80-Peep; Acland Edmonds, Yeoman of the Guard ; Miss Winnie Daw, Elsie Maynard; Jack Fulfora, Naval Cadet; Master Edgar Gratwicke, Prince Charming ; Miss May Gratwicke, Red Riding Hood ; Leonard Tosswill, 8.A.; Maurice Tosswill, LL.D., Cantab. ; Olive Tosswill, Evangeline ; Rose Tosswill, Normandy Fishwife; Milly Roberts, Fatima ; Eddie Roberts, Turk ; Geoffrey Roberts, Turk ; Master Jack Brash, Page ; Miss Madeline Brash, Shepherdess; Miss Muriel Brash, Buy a Broom; Miss Norah Brash, Gipsy; Agnes Fortescue Reade, Her Great Great Grandmother; Frances Elizabeth Reade, Her Great Grandmother; Beatrice Birkett, Buttercup; Viva Birkett, Cherry Ripe; Christie Birkett, Daisy; Cyril Birkett, 18th Century Page Boy; Miss Pitkin, Daisy; Miss Smithett, Galatea; Miss Olive Smithett, Esmeralda; Master Smithett, Highlander; Miss Vlieland, Dancing Girl; Miss Dorothy Vlieland, Fairy; Miss Phoebe Vlieland, Red Riding Hood; Master Vlieland, Jester; Miss Beatrice Carr, a Puritan Maiden ; Master Carr. a Black Imp; Ivan Wallace Passmore, Little Boy Blue ; Master A C Milne-Home. Prince Ahmed; Miss Amy Milne-Home, Cotillon, or the Spirit of the Dance; Miss Sydney Milne-Home, Swiss Peasant Girl; Miss Sybil Bankayt. Music ; Master Norman. Hassan Talistina, Chief the Zeybecks ; Miss Elsie Baker, Dancing Girl; Cissy Drew, Esmeralda: Annie F Ham, Primrose ; Miss Hilda Mummery, Titania ; Miss Hani, Primrose Alice Marian Orchard, Elsie Maynard.; Samuel Thomas Orchard. Middy: Charles Orchard, Middy ; Miss Florence M Stockham. Madame de Pompadour ; Master John B Stockham, Naval Officer; Angus Cameron, Sir Walter Raleigh ; Ivan Cameron, Arminius Vambery ; Ursula Cameron, The Month of October; Hazel Cameron. Father Christmas ; Betty Cameron, Little Peep ; Mary {Lambert, Winter; Master Fred Williams, Jockey; Miss Ada Williams, Bo Peep; Miss Kathleen Fenwick, Buy a Broom: Master Arthur Fenwick, Little Boy Blue; Master^Cuthbert Fenwick. Jack and Jill; Miss Dorothy Fenwick, Jack and Jill; Ivan Reginald Peagelly, Cavalier ; Miss Ethel Murray, Forget-Me-Not; Blanche Piper, Italian Peasant; Lillie Piper, Red Riding Hood Miss O'Brien, Spanish Dancer ; Miss Gertrude Perham, French Flower Girl; Miss Evie Perham, Reaper James S M Matheson, Albanian ; Bosalihd Matheson, Queen of Hearts; Clairette Matheson, Red Riding Hood ; Miss Daisy Munro, Fairy Queen; Miss Clavden, Chrysanthemum ; Master Clayden, Haymaker ; Miss Evelyn Perry, Swiss Peasant ; Miss Ethel Burrows. Mother Hubbard MasterWillie Burrows, Pondre; Master Francis Burrows, Jester; Miss Norman, Chrysanthemum; Master H C Norman, Q.C.; George White, Cavalier ; Reggie White, Little Lord Fauntlerov; Elsie White, Daisy; Miss Ethel Wreford, Duchess of Devonshire; Miss Gwendoline Roberts, Summer; Master Arthur Roberts, Cricketer; Master Humfress, Sailor; Miss Norah Symes, Swiss Peasant; Miss Doris Symes, Little 80-Peep; J Symes, Barrister; J Symes, Sailor: Miss Ida Dyer, Folly; Miss Ivy Buckingham, Forget - Me-Not; Miss Edith Venu, My Pretty Maid; Master Spencer Lewis Venn, Monk: Miss Pope, Portia: Master Seymour Pope, The Times ; Master Philip Punch, Pope; Hilda Moone, Winter ; Miss Parkhouse. April; Miss Parkhouse, Forget-Me-Not; Tom Fulf ord, Troubadour; Master Robert Stanley Lang, ; Master Leslie William Lung, Yeoman the Guard ; Miss Winnifred Cole, Forget- Me-Not ; Master Charles Cole, Ralph Rackstraw, iun.; Dorothy Ackland, Snowdrop; May Loveband, Mv Great Grandmother ; Miss Whidbourne, Girl the 18th Century; Master Whidhourne, Boy of the 18th Century; Violet Stile, Violets Lily Stile, Lilies ; Violet Thompson, Queen of the May; Lilian Thompson, Little Miss Muffet ;C W Bennett, Clown ; Bennett, the Sun; Linford Brown. Knave of Hearts; Bessie Linford Brown, Buy Broom; Mattie Linford Brown, Elsie Maynard : Hamilton Linford Brown, Chef: Edward H Harding, Captain at the time of George 111-; Clarence J Harding, Cavalier at the time of Henry VIII. ; and D Stanley Harding, Cook. During the evening a sleight-of-hand performance was given by Mr. Ernest Rowe, who well entertained the company, and a bouquet was presented to the Mayoress by Miss May Gratwicke. The dance programme was a very pretty one. on one side being the City Arms, embossed in gold, and on the reverse the list of dances (is), follows:- Polka, Waltz. Swedish, March, Pas de Quatre, Lancers, Waltz, Polka, Waltz, Galop, Lancers, Swedish, Pas de Quatre, Polka, "Waltz, Sir Mr. G. Vinio acted as M.C. The music was supplied by Mr. Shobrook's String Band. 

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